Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meet Up With Fellow British Studies Traveler At Ky Book Conference

It was good to see fellow British Studies 2007 traveler, Kathy, at the annual children's literature McConnell Conference in Lexington, KY. We talked about things that have happened in our lives since British Summer Studies 2007 and reminisced about those good times in England and Scotland. Both Kathy and I were able to "pass the torch" to another conference attendee and UK student who is preparing to join British Summer Studies 2009. I wish I could go. At the conference banquet dinner, Kathy and I spoke with a fellow librarian and dinner-table guest who was born and raised in England but now lives in Kentucky. Someone else at the table had toured England as part of a church choir. She recalled singing at the beautiful Ely Cathedral.

Children's author Gary Schmidt from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan, was the keynote speaker. His speech was a good one. He pondered and asked us to consider how children are mentally able to make the transition from childhood to adulthood. What happens during their development that enables them to make adult-like decisions instead of child-like decisions? What compels this change of view? Schmidt, of course, thinks good children's literature has something to do with it. What is good children's literature? Schmidt blindsided us with a slam from St. Augustine, saying good literature must serve. If a piece of literature serves, then the other attendant virtues of good literature, such as wisdom, will follow. The only downside to Schmidt's speech was his gushing over Obama.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Sparkles

This is from my front yard. Sparkling snow flakes danced down from the trees. The video captures only a poor sense of it all. It was quite beautiful.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cat and Snowy Scott County Library

This is the family kitty cat. She wasn't bothered by the snow and ice because she never went out. Clock tower at Scott County Public Library.

Snowy Meadow Scenes, Part 2

Jack doing what terriers do--dig!
Jack slept really well after his whirl-wind adventure in the meadow.

Snowy Meadow Scenes, Part 1

These pics are from my neighborhood's meadow.

Jack scootin' across the frozen tundra.

Entrance to meadow.

Snow and Ice Slam Scott County, KY, Part 14

Temperature in my backyard.

Snow and Ice Slam Scott County, KY, Part 13

Closeup of Kiha.

Snow and Ice Slam Scott County, KY, Part 12

Neighbor Rodney and his Chow puppy, Kiha.

Snow and Ice Slam Scott County, KY, Part 11

Closeup of mower steering wheel complete with icicles.

Snow and Ice Slam Scott County, KY, Part 10

I never did like this mower.

Snow and Ice Slam Scott County, KY, Part 9

No mail today.

Snow and Ice Slam Scott County, KY, Part 8

Jack likes snow.


Jack is having a good time in my neighborhood's frozen meadow. The dull background sound is a neighbor's portable generator. A good portion of the neighborhood was without power after the ice storm struck. We were lucky and did not lose power. Repair crews from Indiana and North Carolina restored power late last night.