Sunday, March 22, 2009

Toastmasters, Part 1

Georgetown Royal Toastmasters has been meeting for one year every Monday at noon at the Scott County Public Library. It is a partnership between Toastmasters and the library. Membership is open to anyone 18 or older who would like to improve his public speaking skills. This is Clint giving one of his manual speeches. His speech on Darwin was exceptional. That's Ashley timing Clint's speech. Ashley joined us after spending time at another Toastmaster club. His long experience is evident in his excellent speeches.
This is Marty. Not only is Marty a wonderful speaker but his Table Topics are outstanding

The board behind Marty displays a typical Toastmasters meeting--speeches, Table Topics, word/joke/thought of the day, speech evaluations etc. Left click for a better view of the board.

Macro Shots, Part 1

Still learning about my new camera. Here are some experiments in macro photography. Looking into my kitchen from the dining room table. Notice how the nearest chair portion is slightly out of focus. I like how the chair curves away.
Same shot but with the nearest chair portion in focus.

Closer up. See the fine grain?

My glasses on the dining room table.

Critters, Part 1

Molly looking thoughtful behind bars. "I promise never again to eat Jacob's homework." Spooky cat. Just playing around with macro shots and flash. Neat effect, huh?

Neighbor's chow puppy, Kai. Looks like a bear.

Family Cemetery, Scott County, KY, Part 2

Closeup of the angel on top of the arch. Notice the lamb being held by the angel. That's my red Ford Ranger truck on Davis Turkeyfoot Road. Mt Gilead Church Road is coming in from the right.

Family Cemetery, Scott County, KY, Part 1

This is the William Hinton family cemetery I discovered while driving around after my bike ride. It is on Davis Turkeyfoot Road between Hinton Cemetery and Mt. Gilead Church roads in northern Scott County. There are some WW2 vets buried here. See the ghost?

Bike Ride, Kentucky, Part 6

Took a short 10 mile ride in the fairly new Westwoods subdivision north of Northern Elementary school off US 25. I did a number of repeat loops to total 10 miles. Had only one dog encounter. Westwoods is still really wide open country. This is a lovely plain. Notice the hunter's stand in the lower left.
Whispering Woods horses and trail.

This fella was with a bunch of other goats near Whispering Woods. The home owner came out to the road to quiz me about my picture taking. No problem. Pleasant chat.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Slams Scott County, Part 4

A neighbor's mailbox and yellow bush. More pretty flowers in my neighborhood.
These last two posts are more "before and after" pics of my home. My mailbox was ice-covered during the ice storm.

My driveway was a sheet of ice during the ice storm.

Spring Slams Scott County, Part 3

This is my attempt at "before and after." These are the springtime version pics of the earlier Ice Storm Slams Scott County pics. See what a difference no snow and ice make. BBQ anyone? These table and chairs were covered in icicles not too long ago.
Ditto for the lawn mower steering wheel.
The "mushroom" in better weather.

I still hate this lawn mower. It looked better with snow and ice on it.

Spring Slams Scott County, Part 2

More scenes from my bike ride in the neighborhood My neighborhood is full of strange grazing critters.

Molly is strange too.

But Jack is REALLY strange.

Pretty purple flowers.

Spring Slams Scott County, Part 1

Spring is here. Today was the first time on my bike since Fall 2008. I rode through my neighborhood observing signs of approaching spring. Hard to believe there was an ice storm a little more than a month ago.
Notice the dog protecting his flowers.