Friday, September 25, 2009

Ride To Conquer Cancer, Training Progress, Part 56

This is it! We leave for Louisville today after work. We will be staying at the Galt House which is where I'll be next Friday to give a Pig Skull Book Club presentation for the Kentucky Library Association. Except for an injured (broken?) toe from last night's packing, I'm good to go. The start is Saturday, 8 AM at E.P. Tom Sawyer Park. Seventy-five miles later I'll roll into Lexington's Masterson Park for overnight camping with my son Nicholas and hundreds of other Ride to Conquer Cancer riders. Sunday I ride back to Louisville for the grand finish at E.P. Tom Sawyer Park. I'll post pics later next week. Keep me in your prayers.

Long Lick Baptist Church finally has its steeple. Looks good.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Brandon and Paige Marry, Part 2

More pics of my early morn hike on the loop trail at Deer Creek State Resort. It all seems so right after Brandon and Paige's marriage.

I like how the sun filters through the trees.

Red leaves are cool, especially when they drip droplets of water.

Apricot colored leaves displayed against a bright sky.

Bright cheerful colors to celebrate a marriage.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brandon and Paige Marry, Part 1

My son Brandon marries Paige Sept. 9 in Circleville, OH. Dinner afterwards is at Deer Creek State Resort where Brandon is a cook. We all have a wonderful time rejoicing with the newlyweds.

Sunrise the next day over Deer Creek Lake. I hike a short loop trail near the resort.

Shaft of sunlight creates a golden spot on the trail

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ride To Conquer Cancer, Training Progress, Part 55

I stop at Lee's place after visiting nearby Switzer Bridge today, Sept. 5. Lee is having some work done to the basement. Behind the dirt pile is a worker in a deep hole waterproofing the outside basement wall.

Some interesting items on a shed wall.

Quilt on Lee's barn.

Ad on an outdoor thermometer for horse liniment which is also good for jackasses. We should send a ton of the stuff to Washington, DC.

Ride To Conquer Cancer, Training Progress, Part 54

Switzer covered bridge just over the county line into Franklin County, Sept. 5. This is Kentucky's official state covered bridge.

Tighter shot.

Ride To Conquer Cancer, Training Progress, Part 53

More pics taken Sept. 5 at North Fork Baptist church. I sit down for this shot trying to find an interesting angle and capture the detail in the concrete walk and steps.

Fall is here early as can be seen from these leaves in the church parking lot near the graveyard.

Totally off topic but it occurs to me that the sport of road biking brings out the feminine side in men. Consider what we male bikers do: shave our legs, wear spandex shorts that feel like girdles, wear brightly colored fru-fru jerseys and, in my case, wear a heart sensor around my chest that feels like a little Wonder bra designed for "emerging" teenage girls.

Maybe this explains why biking has been slow to catch on in America. What does this say about biking-obsessed Europe?

Ride To Conquer Cancer, Training Progress, Part 52

A funny reminder to watch that sharp wagging tongue. People forget the awful power of words. Words can build up and soothe. Words can also tear down and destroy. Gossip can destroy reputations and lives. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me" is a lie. Read what Rabbi Telushkin has to say about the power of words . I take these pics, Sept. 5, at the lovely North Fork Baptist church just off Switzer Road near the covered bridge.

Intriguing shadows and light. Nice bike, huh?

I like the vibrant contrast.

There is a handsome graveyard. One of the Lucas headstones is for a Confederate soldier.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ride To Conquer Cancer, Training Progress, Part 51

I bike 36 miles this beautiful Fall-like day. I take East Honaker Road to Graves Road to Locust Fork Road. These first two pics are of an abandoned home at Graves and Locust Fork roads near Stamping Ground. The mailbox introduces and emphasizes the abandonness of the home. Sue W. of Salt-Rising Bread fame tells me that the home was owned by a lady whose mission in life was to empower black women. She says there are plans for the property.

This robust and handsome Michigander must have taken a wrong turn in Toledo. Photo tilt provided by mailbox cum camera platform.

The history lesson continues as I pedal south down Locust Fork into Stamping Ground.

Bet you can't guess the significance of this field along Locust Fork Road. I know only because I ask Stacy who lives next door to the field. It's a croquet field complete with lights and was a venue for tournament play. Stacy tells me recently-deceased local resident and former field owner, Art Burtfield (?), was an American champion.

When I breeze into Stamping Ground I see Jackie and Sue W., the Salt-Rising Bread people, and Charlotte selling their goods at the farmer's market. Jackie explains the history of Stamping Ground. He surprises me when he says Stamping Ground some years ago had a Ford dealership, theater and three grocery stores. However, the 1974 tornado changed the face and economic activity of Stamping Ground. Sue says I can fill my water bottles at her bakery down the road. Charlotte stuffs my ditty bag with Green Peppers.

My vital stats from my bike computer: Speed (13.3 mph avg., 33.3 mph max.); Heart (124 bpm avg., 156 bpm max.); and Cadence (79 revolutions per minute avg., 199 revolutions per minute max.). I burn 948 calories. Actual pedal time is 2 hours, 44 minutes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ride To Conquer Cancer, Training Progress, Part 50

The Pig Skull Bike Team rides again! This is Nichloas' first time out since his July 20 accident and it's great having him back. We ride 27 miles today, Sept. 2, early morn before work. I show him a new route off of Biddle Pike. I take him down Indian Creek Road for 1/2 mile to Gaines Road which after 3 miles connects with Long Lick Pike. Gaines is a very pretty and HILLY road. I top out at 41 mph descending the hill that empties into Long Lick Pike. Man, I REALLY LIKE SPEED! Today is like a wonderful fall day--cool and blue. I even spy some leaves that have already turned red. The pic above is Nicholas on Locust Fork Road in Stamping Ground feeling glad he's back in the saddle.

Further north on Locust Fork Road approaching Long Lick Pike is this curious sign. Not too far from here I almost become a dump truck's new hood ornament when I encounter said truck while negotiating a curve on a steep descent. There are quite a few log cabin homes along this stretch of Locust Fork. Maybe some log cabin discount some years ago?

My vital stats from the bike computer: Speed (13.2 mph avg., 41.2 mph max.); Heart (112 bpm avg., 149 bpm max.); and Cadence (75 revolutions per minute avg., 119 revolutions per minute max.) I burn 590 calories. Actual pedal time is 2 hours, 4 minutes.