Monday, October 29, 2007

Scenes From London, Thames, Part 3

Looking east from south bank at St. Paul's

Looking east from north bank at south bank.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Scenes From London, Thames, Part 2

Looking west from south bank near Jubilee Bridge. Again looking west. View of Big Ben.
Eye of London. Still looking west.
Closeup of Eye of London car. I never went up in the Eye. Too expensive.
Eye of London again.

Scenes From London, Thames, Part 1

South bank looking east at Blackfriars Bridge which is the first bridge east of Waterloo Bridge. Discussion of London's bridges from west to east is found here and here. That's fellow Kentuckian, Kathy.
Looking east from Waterloo Bridge.

Again looking east from Waterloo Bridge. View of south bank river walk on right.
This bad boy eats a lot of river trash. View from the north bank looking southeast at Millennium Bridge and south bank.
Sign at south bank river walk near Jubilee Bridge which is the first bridge west of Waterloo bridge.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Scenes From London, People, Part 3

This is the library science contingent at King's Cross train station, Platform 9 3/4. I'm the one with the mustache. Proof positive that librarianship is estrogen-heavy, testosterone-light. Libby split between the western and eastern hemispheres at Greenwich Royal Observatory.
Mary like Libby.
Excellent actor/lecturer explaining how the problem of determining longitude was solved by a humble small-town English carpenter, John Harrison.
Who the heck is this? How'd she get in here? Nice teeth.

Scenes From London, People, Part 2

My front page Georgetown News-Graphic Harry Potter column. Left-click for a better view.
Harry Potter Madness at Waterstone's bookstore at Piccadilly thirty minutes before the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This Spanish couple is being interviewed by British television news. Piccadilly is swamped.
Even buses have a tough time getting through. Waterstone's book store--the epicenter of Potter madness. Piccadilly a few minutes after midnight.

Scenes From London, People, Part 1

Okay, my big hike is done but what do I do with all the pictures I have left from my earlier and later times in England and Scotland? Such a problem. What am I to do? Hello, Scenes From... to the rescue. Try to keep up.

These are the mature library science ladies: Kathy (University of Kentucky), Nancy (University of Southern Mississippi), Libby (Florida State University), and Edie (Oklahoma University).

Mary is a University of Southern Mississippi library science student from New Mexico. Libby, Nancy, and Mary are getting their MLS degrees totally online.
Guard at Buckingham Palace.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hadrian's Wall Hike, Day 4, Part 7-July 29

Brampton Public Library on the courtyard. Pretty flowers near the Sands House B&B on the left. The road heads into town which is within walking distance.
More flowers as I get closer to town.
Emperor Hadrian near the courtyard. This seems a fitting end to my trek. Tomorrow, Monday, I take the train out of Carlisle back to London to rejoin my fellow library science students. Can't wait to hear of their adventures.

Hadrian's Wall Hike, Day 4, Part 6-July 29

Continuing on my way to Brampton I see a pretty bridge over the River Irthing Almost there.
The Sands House B&B.
Brampton courtyard. I have a delicious poached salmon dinner at the Howard Arms. Wash everything down with an excellent regional ale--Thwaites.

Hadrian's Wall Hike, Day 4, Part 5-July 29

Tomb of child located in presbytery. Closeup.
Eastward along path to graveyard. Presbytery is to the right.
Above ground grave.
Looking west at presbytery.

Hadrian's Wall Hike, Day 4, Part 4-July 29

Looking at south side of church. The still-used chapel is in the west (left) portion. More of the church (I really do need a wide angle lens) showing what's left of the Priory's presbytery (portion to the right).
Inside the presbytery. As you can see there is no roof.
This is what the presbytery looked like centuries ago.
Vaulting in presbytery.

Hadrian's Wall Hike, Day 4, Part 3-July 29

God-fearing Lanercost parishioners also fear cows. Local sheep are very pious. Left-click the picture for a better view. View of Lanercost Priory church.
Vaulting at building adjoining church.
Looking out.
Looking west at other Priory buildings. The vaulting pictures were taken in the low building to the left. The church is to the right. The center building contains a gift shop and Darce Hall restaurant. I dine at Darce Hall devouring chocolate cake, coffee, lentil soup, cheese bread and Dandelion and Burdock soda. There is a craft show at Darce Hall where I buy some gifts including some really cool horn key ring whistles.