Sunday, November 8, 2009

Autumn Falls, Scott County, KY, Part 5

I bike Scott County roads I've never before biked--Mt. Gilead, Finnel, Barkley, Bailey, Morris Bridge, Gunnell and Hinton Cemetery. Make some doggie friends on Davis Turkey Foot Road near Burgess Smith (see, I don't pepper spray EVERY dog). Develop a slow leak in my front tire near the end of the ride due to a tiny piece of glass. I need to invest in some Kevlar flat-proof tires. This high resolution pic is taken at the Mt. Gilead Methodist Church on Mt. Gilead Road near Finnel Road. I've got my camera set for both low and high resolution pics. Normally, I use low resolution for email and blog work and high resolution for pics I want to print and enlarge. Left click the pic for a big view of the church and sign.

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