Monday, October 26, 2009

Autumn Falls, Scott County, KY, Part 3

I see many beautiful fall colors during my ride before work this early Wednesday morn, Oct. 21. Here at Corinth Christian Church at Skinnersburg and Glass roads I snuggle my face and camera into a groundcover of reds and yellows to take a pic of a glorious King of the Road.

I revisit this abandoned Rogers Gap Road home near the railroad tracks before work this early Sunday morn, Oct. 25. This home intrigues me. I can't help it. Maybe it's the 10 AM lighting.

Experimental shot of the waterfalls along Luke Road. It's my attempt to "sheet" (careful now) the flowing water by keeping the shutter open a long time and using a small aperture. Weird, huh? I think I need to play with the ISO. Oh, well...back to the drawing board.

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